Rik Vera blue wall L zwart wit
10.09.2020 - 2.00 PM

Covid-19 is a gigantic wake-up call. Companies still 'living' on the remnants of old business models suddenly realise that the world is changing dramatically and that they have to get ready for their Day after Tomorrow. Partying 'like it is 1999' is no longer possible. This is the famous year 2020.

The Old Normal has been dying for two decades now. Unfortunately, we are not yet in the New Normal either. We are somewhere in between and have entered the dark Twilight Twenties: a period in which the New Normal is shaped by a changing society, changing customers and technology, devastating events such as pandemics, climate disasters, economic crises, etc.

In this lecture, Rik explains the magic formula that every company should use to get ready for their uncertain Day after Tomorrow. Companies do not want to be vulnerable, but they cannot be too robust either. Companies must become more agile, resilient and strong in these Twilight Twenties. The rules and scripts need to be rewritten.

What is that magic formula? How can you crack the code? What is the role of numbers and data? How do eco-systems play a role? How do you build an "anti-fragile" organisation and above all: what do you need to do today to be ready for the Day after Tomorrow?

Rik brings a clear and challenging message, giving his audience many ideas, inspiration and tools to get ready for their Day after Tomorrow.

Rik Vera has over 25 years of experience in C-level positions in sales, marketing and general management in large international manufacturing companies. Each time he tried to combine "good old" management with the most recent technological and digital tool to compete and focus on the customer. Since 2010, Rik inspires companies about their Day after Tomorrow as a much sought-after keynote speaker and successful workshop facilitator.