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Skylux brings natural light into your building: positive for your mood, your well-being and your comfort.

Besides the architect's design, smart (custom) solutions and well thought-out material choices, daylight adds value to your project. Natural light gives you a positive feeling, helps you get through the day in a balanced way and is free of charge. Daylight means less artificial light. That is better for the environment and for your energy bill. Reasons enough to give daylight a leading role in your project. As an experienced partner and Belgian market leader in skylights and rooflights, Skylux will help you find the most cost-effective way to integrate natural daylight into living and working spaces. Skylux optimises both residential and industrial roofs through our skylights, skylights for flat roofs and skylights for sloping roofs. The solutions are easy to use and simple to install. With an eye for aesthetics and the highest energy standards.


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