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Nanopixel is the largest visualisation agency in Belgium and a pioneer in creating interactive sales tools for the real estate market.

With its new technologies and own developed software, Nanopixel wants to 'revolutionize' and create a special added value for its clients. The young company is market leader in the field of high-end 3D visualisation and animation, resulting in groundbreaking VR-experiences for project developers and manufacturers. At the start of each project, the vision of you as a customer, the sales team and the 3D artists are aligned. This way, the project is presented to the public in the desired way. Besides 3D renderings, Nanopixel also offers various other services, such as animated films, the complete branding and marketing around a project, brochures, magazines, up to the development and building of effective sales tools based on the latest technologies. With a unique VR-tool you will stand out, even on the saturated real estate market.


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