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Seamless floors, created by Liquidfloors, bring peace and space to your interior. They bring the purest design, combine effortlessly with other materials and truly showcase your favourite objects.

Since 2009, Liquidfloors has been bringing seamless floors to the residential and professional environment. Award-winning and innovative floor systems adorn thousands of projects in Belgium and abroad.

Discover their products Mellow, Socrete and Endur as well as their seamless applications for bathrooms, walk-in showers and stairs. With different textures and a variety of natural tones, they provide options within every style. At Liquidfloors, you will find all the necessary accessories such as design skirting boards, shower glass, profiles, integrated floor mats, etc… everything to guarantee a high-quality interior finish.

From home to office. From showroom to shop. Liquidfloors looks forward guiding you through your project.


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Gentsesteenweg 204, 8500 Kortrijk