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Hullebusch is a leading company in the production and sale of exclusive natural stones from all over the world.

Hullebusch selects its natural stone blocks carefully from quarries all over the world and saws and processes them into slabs and tiles in its own facilities (Ardooie and Beringen). In-house production facilities allow for unique, personalised finishes and treatments. Unusual results that continue to amaze customers, architects and designers. The typical HB-finishes (e.g. poco veccio, roulato coarse, agrippa fine,...) give the products an extra dimension, an exclusive character and a unique appearance, which distinguishes Hullebusch from others. Hullebusch is a trendsetter with its minimalist, austere products and attention to the revival of rare marbles and travertines. With collaborations with designers such as Vincent Van Duysen, Marcio Kogan and Michaël Verheyden, Hullebusch supports its vision on interior design within a contemporary architecture.


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Brugsebaan 4a, 8850 Ardooie