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Home Metal offers customised work in steel that gives a unique added value to every home or interior, from sleek modern to authentic rural.

Custom work in steel, interior and exterior, at a correct price/quality ratio with an eye for detail. You can contact Home Metal for 'steel hard quality custom work,' completely according to your own wishes and style, with the aim of creating a cosy home with a unique, stylish appearance. Because everything is produced and installed in-house, Home Metal guarantees the highest quality. Varosteel® is a gap-filling, thermally interrupted system that Home Metal has developed entirely in house.

It ensures that valuable energy does not disappear along windows and doors. With a thickness of 2cm for a fixed window it is a very slim and elegant profile. This not only results in particularly beautiful, but also energy-efficient steel constructions. Varosteel is unique in Europe with this. The use of different types of glass in your window or door assembly can give your interior an extra cachet: 'Details make the difference'.


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Home Metal
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