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Arte is a passionate designer & manufacturer of sophisticated wallcoverings. The company, owned by the family Desart, has been in play since 1981. Arte wallcoverings adorn the walls of both residential homes and project interiors in over 80 countries worldwide. Every year, an in-house team of experienced designers creates several new collections. All of these new products must be innovative and trendsetting, while also being of superior quality. A lot of time and effort goes into research: Arte is constantly looking for new production methods and quality materials. That explains why designing a new collection can easily take more than a year.

About half of the products are manufactured in-house through environmentally-friendly processes. A smaller number of wallcoverings are produced by external partners who apply the same quality and sustainability norms.

"Wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement."

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Senator A. Jeurissenlaan 1210, 3520 Zonhoven